Are you living with pain or restricted movement, and thinking that's 'the norm' for you?

Are you wanting to achieve more physically but assuming you've reached your limit?

At Restore we're here to challenge those assumptions. Our goal is to help you live your best physical life possible. We use ground-breaking techniques to help relieve you from pain, restore you from injury or take you further in your physical pursuit. We don't simply strive for a 'fix', we aim to make you more physically capable and resilient than you were before.

Key to our approach is our focus on fascia, the unsung hero of our body's capacity to move freely. Combined with our toolbox of other specialist treatments not widely found in New Zealand, we take a whole-body approach based on the principle of Progressive Adaptation and Specifity that brings all parts into balance and optimises your physical potential.

Each face to face client we work with is taken through a completely personalised programme to meet their own unique needs. This online platform is designed to allow those we are unable to meet with, gain access to our leading edge techniques, and begin your journey away from pain or dysfunction, into the restoration and improvement of function, building resilience for the future.

We bring a huge amount of passion, care and commitment to our work. Trained internationally by world leading experts, we created Restore in order to share our knowledge and skills, and make a transformative difference in people's lives.

We know that a better life is possible. Let us show you how.

Our Mission Statement

To provide an advanced educational and holistic approach to body maintenance, prehabilitation, rehabilitation and restoration to the general public & elite athletes alike, which all clinical providers, manual or soft tissue therapists and fitness providers seek to integrate with or emulate.

Restore Prehabilitation & Recovery®